About Virtual Marketing 24/7

Kathy Arnold, owner and designer of Virtual Marketing 24/7, LLC, started her career in the field of computers and technology at the age of 19 years old in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara California in 1983.  In the 10 years she resided in California she worked at National Semiconductor, then Tandem Computers (bought out by Compaq, now owned by HP) and attended college classes at Mission College and Stanford University.  Upon moving to Loveland Colorado, she was employed with Hewlett Packard before moving back "home" to Sheridan Wyoming.  Kathy's first couple of years in Sheridan were spent teaching computer classes before accepting the challenging position at RENEW as Information Services Manager.  In the 6 years employed at RENEW, she was the project manager that ultimately resulted in the automated billing and electronic submission of bills to the State of Wyoming.

I started the web design business to  help promote non-profit organizations and the Sheridan Downtown Community.  Referrals grew my business leaps and bounds.  In 2001, only 2 other local companies provided web services.  Since that time, those 2 have moved on to other ventures and I remain the longest term web developer in Sheridan. As the economy and personal changes took place, I found it necessary to come up with new ideas and new pricing plans, and am able to provide professional results at affordable prices. I LOVE what I do and fully intend to continue for years to come.

In 2001, Kathy decided to focus on building websites and putting Sheridan Wyoming on the map through virtual marketing and web designs. In 2010, the company changed its name from Victory Mountain to Virtual Marketing due to many personal changes and new future directions.

Kathy is also a licensed Realtor® in the State of Wyoming for ERA Carroll Realty Co.  This allows her a broader scope in marketing property for sale, as well as the services she can provide Realtors® in their success.  Kathy is the web designer and marketing person for Carroll Realty and the designer for the largest real estate website in North Eastern Wyoming - eracrc.com.

Kathy has 3 boys ranging in age from high school to college grads, and is married to Christopher Arnold, Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts graduate.  Kathy believes its important to help non-profit organizations and the local community, especially during our current economic challenges.

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Adam Helsberg, Project Manager for Virtual Marketing 24/7, LLC, is a 5th generation Helsberg to reside in Sheridan. After graduating from Sheridan College he went on to further his education at Montana State University. Adam has lived along the west coast as well as surrounding states, continuing his education from public relations to co-owing several businesses established from the ground up. However, he always seem to find himself gravitating back to the community where his family roots began, Sheridan Wyoming. He looks forward to carrying on the tradition of his family's involvement in Sheridan by actively encouraging local economic development.