A Successful Website Requires…

1. Reliability: Your host site should commit to availability of your website 24/7 and provide security at all times from hackers and viruses.

2. Marketing: Publicize your website locally and world wide. Place your URL address on business cards, checks, ads, flyers, etc. Join social networks and request links from genre sites (reciprocal linking/safe link exchange partners) and associations. RESEARCH!

3. Search Engine Optimization and Registration: Well thought out search words (meta tags) will contribute to your site being found through search engines. Landing page content is very important! Re-registration monthly with the top search engines is key to staying on top. Management of search engines will determine the success or downfall of your site..

4. Maneuverable: Ease in navigating within your site and flows well. Do not extend pages to longer then three screen lengths and always use user friendly navigation buttons and pertinent content.

5. Simplicity: a professional site should be simple, but eye catching. Caution to the over glitzy and flashsheridan wyoming web designer y. Limit text to target market contents.

6. Efficiency: Graphics should load quickly. Flash can be eye catching but is not always effective.

7. Functionality: Should be viewable in all browsers. Know and follow the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

8. Returning Customers: Keep your web page up to date, updating your site weekly with fresh content to encourage return visitors.

9. Web Designer with longevity: You want a web design company and marketing specialist that will still be here tomorrow and cares about your goals and your mission statement.

10. More then just a pretty design: A website that looks great but can’t be found or has impertinent content or is difficult to navigate has no value and will be lost in cyberspace.

11. Technology: Stay current on new technology released to stay progressive in your market.